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The Morning Sky Ltd, is present in large corporations taking all job, from cleaning to maintenance.

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Save your valuable time

With innovative solutions our goal is to be with you solving the most diverse problems,
giving you longer to manage your business.

Always Available

With a team that fits your needs.

Professional Support

Making solutions instead of problems.

High Experience

Over 8 years in the business.


Cleaning Services

Cleaning services is and remains our specialty, due to the many years working in the area with public bodies such as schools, our range of solutions diverse.

  • Community area cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • Emergency Cleaners
  • Commercial cleaning
  • COVID-19 Solutions
  • Disinfection of small and large environments
  • Playground Disinfestation
  • Many others
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Annual maintenace building services

The annual services, for a long time, have become more mandatory for the good development of companies and public environments, and we work with different solutions in order to serve our customers.

  • Electrical condition reports
  • Emergency light testing
  • Gas safety checks
  • Drains and gutters CCTV surveys
  • Glazing services
  • Personalized services
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Maintenance Services

Maintenance services always save us in the moments that we need the most, and that is why we develop teams that can meet the most diverse services without measuring efforts.

  • Site Services Officer
  • Plumbing Service
  • Electricity Services
  • External Services
  • Many Other Services
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And who are we really?

Morning Sky, was born in the year 2012, with small ideas and great projects today we prescribe the most varied services, starting from maintenance to construction. Always prioritising quality, Our team work is extremely capable of providing any requested service. Knowing that your well-being and comfort always go together, at Morning Sky, we will always be available to provide you with help and supply the nescecidades thus found.

We are Morning Sky.

"The key for success is taking care of customers as if they are our own family that we love."

Ivo Leite



Oficial Advantage

Below you can see some of the many benefits of working with Morning Sky.


Professional Staff

Qualified professionals for each service performed.


Practical Solutions

Practical solutions for the most diverse problems. Less complication and more development.


Flexible Work Hours

Your time is the most important for us, because every second is decisive for a successful solution.


Innovative Approach

We like to innovate, and bring new solutions to our clients, facilitates their day to day and gives us the opportunity to show our vast capacity.


Helpful Advice

Don't just look for a company to do a service, look for a company that understands who you are and your actual needs.

Call us for Professional, flexible and cost-effective services on

020 3602 7149

What is your business?

We like to understand who our customers are and we develop specific solutions for each one, so don't miss the opportunity and tell us a little more about yourself.

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